We do! Cromwell Automotive is pleased to announce that we are now an authorized NOS re-filling station. Stop on in for some comedy relief, we’ll keep you laughin’.

HOW DOES NITROUS WORK? has a fairly good explanation but it leaves some things out. Nitrous oxide breaks down into free nitrogen and oxygen, which allows more fuel to be burned. Injecting the correct amount of fuel in addition to nitrous oxide is crucial. One of the enormous benefits of using nitrous instead of an oxygen tank is that it takes time to break the nitrous down, and that prevents detonation. If you just added fuel and oxygen the same way you can add fuel and nitrous, the detonation would destroy your engine.

You still don’t get something for anything. Only specially built engines can withstand the forces of nitrous boost for long. Lucky for you Cromwell Automotive can build one for you. We race TOO!!