NEW 8ft BOSS SD Trip Edge

NEW 8ft BOSS SD Trip Edge

BOSS Trip-Edge snowplows are engineered to power through the heaviest snow and any obstacles that come with it. The extra-rigid moldboard and trip-edge technology ensure that only the cutting edge trips when you hit an obstacle, so you won’t lose the load you’re pushing. Trip-Edge snowplows feature our adjustable trip return springs, so you can customize the trip spring tension for the job at hand. Available in steel and stainless steel for pickup truck applications, BOSS Trip-Edge snowplows are built to BACK YOU UP. Trip-Edge Design Base angle or cutting edge trips back to protect the plow and truck from damage when obstacles are encountered. SmartLight 3 LED Headlight System uses DOT-compliant 100% LED lights and Ice Shield Technology to prevent snow and ice build- up. Adjustable Trip Springsallow customization of the trip spring tension. Cast-Iron Plow Shoes extends the life of the cutting edge.

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