Cromwell Automotive busy repairing cars damaged in winter weather!!

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1656375_664722650233653_1239551850_nCROMWELL, CT (WFSB) –
The weather is wreaking havoc not only on the roads, but also on vehicles.

From Cromwell to Rocky Hill, many area roads are starting to look more like Swiss cheese.

“They’re only going to get worse because we haven’t had a big thaw yet, so we are expecting even more,” said Rodney Bitgood, who is owner of the Cromwell Automotive.

Some cars that hit potholes are ending up at Cromwell Automotive.

“This is the fourth or fifth tire we have seen with the side wall out like this week,” said Bitgood while doing a repair.

From front alignments that are in need of repair to tires that need replacing, the constant flow of winter storms means a constant flow of work for Bitgood and his crew.

“We are definitely busier with it this year than we have been in years past,” Bitgood said. “The front end work is definitely more common in the older cars.”

The price of fixing your car after hitting a pothole can be shell shocking.

“You’re talking hundreds and then definitely right into thousands of dollars. We did a transit bus this week and it was almost $2,000,” Bitgood said.

To avoid a costly repair bill, Bitgood suggested listening to sound of your car. If it doesn’t sound normal, take it in to the repair shop immediately.

“You’re better at nipping the problem in the bud as soon as it starts rather than letting it go,” Bitgood said.

While slowing down can decrease the amount of damage, trying to avoid potholes may be your best bet.

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